Europe 2020

Mal Fletcher Interviews Renowned Futurist, Dr. Patrick Dixon.
What might the UK and Europe look like in the year 2020? How can positive, proactive people help to create a better future for the cities of the UK and Europe? Mal Fletcher speaks with Dr. Patrick Dixon, often cited as Europe's leading futurist. Watch the interview: High or Low quality version
(WMV vid stream - 30 mins.).

The Future Of Today's Generations

Mal Fletcher Interviews Generational Author Winkie Pratney.
What does the future hold for each of the major generations of our time? In particular, how will today's young people, the Millennial Generation, reshape the world? Mal Fletcher speaks with renowned author and cultural commentator Winkie Pratney. Watch the interview: High or Low quality.
(WMV stream - 30 mins).

Building Cities Of Honour

Mal Fletcher Addresses the 'Night of Honour' event, London.
What are the characteristics of the emerging 'Millennial' generation and how can we promote positive values among those who will carry the future on their shoulders? Mal Fletcher speaks on 'Building Cities Of Honour', recorded at the Night of Honour, London (2006). Watch the speech: High or Low quality version. (WMV vid stream - 20 mins.).

EDGES with Mal Fletcher

The Cashless Society
In this age of RFIDs and one-card-does-everything credit, is there any future for good old-fashioned cash? In this programme from the award-winning EDGES programmes, Mal looks at what the future might hold for cash... Watch now: High or Low quality version. (WMV vid stream - 28 mins).

EDGES with Mal Fletcher

Crime & Punishment
Prisons are over-crowded and court backlogs are growing. How can we create a just society with laws that are worth keeping? Watch the sampler for the 'EDGES with Mal Fletcher' programme on Crime and Punishment. Watch now: High or Low quality version
(WMV streaming video format -- 2 mins.).

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