'If we don't invent the future for our families & communities, someone else's vision of the future will reinvent us.' - Mal Fletcher

Mal Fletcher is an author, social commentator, global conference speaker, broadcaster and leadership consultant based in London.

Every year, he speaks to thousands of people across the globe in leadership conferences and other events - and many thousands more, in more than 200 nations, through media and new media.

He equips and inspires leaders in business, media, community agencies and other organisations around the world to engage positively and proactively with future change.

Mal inspires people to engage the future with confidence - even in uncertain times! He brings a powerful, fresh perspective on building strong and adaptive organisations for greater effectiveness, innovation, productivity and future influence.

His unique style combines extensive, up-to-the-minute research with world-class presentation skills and an entertaining edge.

'What the world is looking for, in business, in media and in community life, is leadership: people who can give others confidence as they negotiate the uncertainties of today and tomorrow.'

'Management brings great administration to an organization or a community; but leadership brings clear vision. Management takes its cue from benchmarking, best practice and other management tools. But leadership is shaped by foresight, radical thinking and bold innovation, which goes beyond what competitors are doing.

'What people the world over want most is meaning, the sense that they're making a contribution, and the power to influence their world. Even in tough times, influence is a product of how much we will engage the future. Leadership helps people move ahead of the times!'

Mal brings to every conference or event a keen understanding of:

  • major leadership challenges in a rapidly changing global environment
  • generational shifts in business & the wider community, based on the unique 'personality traits' of each contemporary generation
  • social & cultural trends, & their likely future impact
  • changes in communications as media & new media reconfigure & evolve
  • how to inspire in people creativity and a confidence in their own future, lifting their productivity
  • how to engage an audience through humour, narrative & media while bringing a message of substance.
  • how to speak to thousands as if he were addressing the individual!
For more on what Mal can give your leadership team, click here.

Broadcaster / Producer

For more than 20 years, Mal Fletcher & his media team have written, produced, presented & featured in TV & radio programmes in various parts of the world.

Mal is regularly called upon for expert comment in the media on social issues.

He appears as a commentator on BBC World News (global), BBC Breakfast TV, BBC Radio5 Live, PressTV (UK, Europe, Iran), WebChatTV (consumer channel) and many other radio and TV programmes in the UK, Europe, the USA, South Africa, Scandinavia and Australia.

Mal's extensive research into contemporary culture and social change, his experience as a leader committed to shaping a better future for society and his ability to surround himself with talented media creators, has built a solid audience for his long-running documentary TV series (EDGES). He is also a welcome contributor on other TV, radio and 'new media' projects.

His work has been featured on, for example, BBC Radio 4, the Seven TV Network (Australia), the Nine TV Network (Australia), SABC1 TV (South Africa) and TVDenmark.

He is also constantly exploring the exciting possibilities within new media, with which he has been closely involved since the late 1990s.

Author & Contributor

Mal Fletcher is an avid writer. As well as his ten books to date, some of which are available in five languages, Mal writes extensively for Magazines, E-Zines and for his award-winning TV documentary programmes.

His expert comment on social change & leadership has featured in publications including: The Guardian (UK - Online), The Minneapolis Post (USA), Fabulous Magazine (UK), Nya Dagen Newspaper (Sweden), (USA) and many more. His feature articles have appeared in publications in the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Mal's books cover a variety of issues including leadership, media, communication, the future, culture, social issues and spirituality.

Mal's first book was published in 1991 and became a classic on working with troubled young people.

More recent titles include, 'Five Big Ideas: Concepts That Shape Our Culture', 'The Pioneer Spirit', 'The Future is X' and 'Burning Questions'. Mal has also contributed to books by other authors.

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